Relieving Dental Anxiety Get Stress-Free Dental Care
  • Relax with our team’s gentle approach
  • Feel comfortable in a private care room
  • Sedation options are available, if needed

We Can Help You With Relieving Dental Anxiety in Royal Oak

At Royal Oak Orthodontic Care, we understand that dental nerves are a concern for some patients, even when it comes to orthodontic treatment. Whether you are a young child or a mature adult, we want you to feel confident about pursuing treatment. With our specialized approach to relieving dental anxiety in Royal Oak, you can:

  • Align your teeth without the fear or stress
  • Feel comfortable and relaxed during your visit
  • Easily communicate your concerns with our caring staff
  • Gain confidence about the state of your smile
  • Improve your oral health by pursuing orthodontics

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Experience a Stress-Free Orthodontic Appointment

When you pursue orthodontic solutions at our practice, we focus on keeping you comfortable every step of the way. While our treatment options are relatively painless, we know patients can feel anxious about wire adjustments, removal of braces, or being in a dental office in general. Whatever your concern, we’re here to help, not judge.

Here’s how we focus on making you comfortable:

  • Private Patient Rooms  – We provide private rooms to give you peace of mind and a quieter and more relaxed experience.
  • Caring StaffOur staff will treat you with compassion throughout your appointment.  We take our time to understand your needs and concerns.
  • Ample Time for Care – We provide plenty of time to explain treatments thoroughly and address any questions you may have.
  • Sedation Options If necessary, choose from our sedation options to ease your nerves. We have oral sedation, laughing gas, and IV sedation.
  • Happy Distractions – Choose from our music selection or bring your own headphones to enjoy soothing melodies during your treatment.
  • Advanced Technology – We use modern equipment, such as digital scanners and intraoral cameras, to plan your treatments easily and precisely. This equipment also enhances your comfort. For example, with digital scanners, we won’t put messy goop in your mouth to take dental impressions.

Because we know being at the dentist brings about a variety of emotions, we’re willing to go the extra mile to reduce your anxiety. Feel free to discuss how we can help during your free consultation with our team.

Call 248-955-1660 if you want an orthodontist who is experienced in relieving dental anxiety in Royal Oak. You can also schedule online.

Common Questions About Relieving Dental Anxiety

Can you help with relieving dental anxiety?

Our team has lots of experience in helping patients overcome their anxious feelings, so they can receive the orthodontic treatment they need. We have created a calming environment to help you relax. We also use patient-friendly technology and techniques to speed your treatment and keep discomfort at a minimum.

Are there steps I can take at home to relieve dental anxiety?

Before your orthodontic appointment, we suggest visualizing a positive experience and practicing deep breathing exercises. You can also visit our office at a quiet time, when other patients may not be around. Ask us about this option when you call us to make your appointment. Share any concerns you have with us beforehand. We can even establish a signal for you to use to indicate if you need a break.

Does laughing gas help with anxiety?

Laughing gas relieves feelings of anxiety for many of our orthodontic patients. It’s inhaled through a small mask worn over your nose. It takes effect very quickly, giving you a relaxed and lightly euphoric sensation. It’s also easy for us to increase or decrease the amount you receive during treatment to maintain the right level of relaxation.

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