Maintain Your Beautiful Results
  • Enjoy the benefits of straight teeth for the long term
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Keep Your New Smile Looking Great With Retainers in Royal Oak, MI

Once your orthodontic treatment is complete, it’s crucial to wear your retainers in Royal Oak, MI. It’s the only way your teeth will stay in their corrected position. By protecting your investment with retainers, you can:

  • Continue enjoying the benefits of straight teeth throughout your life
  • Avoid having to spend money on orthodontics in the future
  • Prevent your teeth from shifting back to their old positions
  • Feel confident that you are doing your part to protect your smile

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Retainers Are an Essential Part of Orthodontic Treatment

Completing your orthodontic treatment is an exciting milestone. Seeing your transformed smile makes all the time and effort worthwhile. Our retainers allow you to protect those amazing results. Custom-fit for your mouth, your retainers gently hold teeth in their ideal placement. Otherwise, because your teeth have memory, they’ll revert to their old positions. Wearing retainers exactly as prescribed prevents teeth from relapsing.

We offer two kinds:

  • Fixed Retainers – These are made of thin wire, bonded permanently to the backs of teeth. They are non-removable and left in place long-term.
  • Removable Retainers – These retainers are made of clear, BPA-free plastic and look similar to clear aligners. They are custom-made to maintain your teeth’s ideal placement and easily removable.

If you receive the removable retainer, for the first few months, you’ll need to wear it for at least 22 hours per day. Your orthodontist will create a plan for you based on your situation and review it with you. Then, you can begin wearing it only at night. However, keep in mind retainers are meant to be worn for the rest of your life. Even after many years, you’ll still need to wear yours at least several times a week to maintain your results. Make sure to follow your orthodontist’s exact instructions for the best possible outcome.

Call 248-955-1660 for retainers in Royal Oak. You can also call us if you have lost yours and need a replacement. Feel free to schedule your appointment online.

Common Questions About Retainers

What is an orthodontic retainer, and why do I need one after braces?

A retainer is an appliance that is worn after you finish your orthodontic treatment to keep your newly-positioned teeth in place. If you don’t have a retainer, your teeth will begin to shift back to their previous positions. We don’t want that to happen, so we will supply you with a retainer to help you maintain a beautifully straight smile.

How long do I need to wear my orthodontic retainer each day?

We offer two types of retainers depending on your needs. If you get a removable retainer, we will give you specific instructions on how long to wear it each day and when you can take it out. If you get a fixed retainer, it will be attached to the tongue side of your teeth. It is designed to only be removed by a dentist and will not interfere with your daily activities.

How should I clean and care for my orthodontic retainer?

If you get a fixed retainer, daily brushing and flossing is the best way to keep it in good shape. For a removable retainer, be sure to keep it out of direct sunlight and store it in its case when not in use. Also, clean it every day by brushing it with a non-abrasive toothpaste and a soft-bristled toothbrush.

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