Preventive Orthodontics

Help Your Child Stay Out Of Braces
  • Lessen the need for future orthodontic treatment
  • Help your child have a confident & healthy smile
  • We offer free consultations & second opinions

Guide Your Child’s Growing Smile With Preventive Orthodontics in Royal Oak

When it comes to dental health, proactive measures often bring the best results. Bringing your child in for early orthodontic treatment can provide a host of benefits that last long into their adulthood. Our preventive orthodontics in Royal Oak will:

  • Guide their jaw growth and teeth positioning
  • Avoid more complex and costly orthodontic needs in the future
  • Encourage the proper development of their adult teeth
  • Put them on the path to a beautiful, healthy smile

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Trust Your Child’s Orthodontic Needs to Our Expert Team

We recommend you bring your child for an early orthodontic appointment at around 7 years old. It allows us to identify and correct bite and alignment issues before they impact the growth of their adult teeth. We offer oral appliances, like space maintainers, and other interceptive methods. Our board-certified orthodontists will provide the ideal treatment according to your child’s unique needs.

You and your child will benefit from:

  • Timely Intervention – By identifying and addressing problems early on, you save money and time on orthodontics in the future.
  • Better Facial Development – Preventive orthodontics can encourage proper jaw growth. This results in a balanced facial structure and healthier airways.
  • Correct Bite Function – By ensuring their bite aligns correctly, your child won’t suffer jaw pain, headaches, and other discomforts related to misalignment.
  • Confident Smiles – Having beautifully straight teeth can be your child’s greatest asset. It will give them more confidence and greater self-esteem.
  • Improved Speech – Orthodontic issues can often lead to speech difficulties. Early intervention can improve speech patterns and potentially correct existing issues.

Make the best decision for your child’s future smile by bringing them in for a free consultation. If you are concerned about your own teeth alignment, you can come in for an examination too. We offer several orthodontic solutions for adults.

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Common Questions About Preventive Orthodontics

What is preventive orthodontics?

Preventive orthodontics is early orthodontic treatment for children that can either reduce or eliminate the need for full braces later on. We offer several types of preventive orthodontics, including space maintainers, interceptive orthodontics, and palatal expanders. We’ll examine your child and recommend any treatment we believe would benefit them.

How much does preventive orthodontics cost?

As with other kinds of orthodontics, the cost depends on the issues that need to be addressed and the solutions you choose to do so. When we examine your child, we will create a recommended treatment plan. We will walk you through all aspects of the plan, including cost. We will also review your possible payment options, including third-party financing.

Who needs preventive orthodontics?

We will keep a close eye on your child’s dental development during their exams. Your dentist can often determine if your child would benefit from preventive orthodontics by the age of 6 or 7. A simple treatment like a space maintainer is often enough to ensure that teeth are able to erupt normally, without crowding or other issues that can lead to an improperly aligned bite.

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